With the increased concern on general health issues, consumers today are more aware on the raw/cooked food and products they purchase for themselves and their family members. In today’s world, there are many items that are tainted with overdose of chemicals, artificial components and/or unauthorized contents that will lead to illnesses if not carefully filtered for our consumption. Therefore, it is important for consumers to take careful note on the items they put into their mouths or before usage.

We at Sunflower Organics and Wellness Sdn. Bhd. are dedicated to source for organic food and daily use products for our customers so you do not need to worry about the nasty contents in the products you purchase. Our products are carefully sourced locally and internationally to provide our customers a wide selection of products you can choose to meet your daily requirements. Our network of distribution expands across supermarkets, organic/health stores, baby supplies stores, restaurants/cafes, and other chains/independent operators.

Other than being a distributor of organic food and products, we also provide health advices and programs for our customers who are interested to know more on how to improve your health and how to select the right products for you and your family’s wellness affair.

Our co-founder Kim Hoi is a qualified ayurvedic health practitioner from Australia with trainings received in Australia and India. Our purpose and mission to set up Sunflower Organics and Wellness is to also allow Kim to share her experience and our services to bring you on a journey to better health.

Kim has over the years recorded her personal experiences in a blog which we have adapted into our website for the benefit of our customers. You can have a general view of health issues and ayurveda practices through our blog site at www.blog.sunflowerorganics.my. Should you also need a consultation on your health issues, you are also able to make an appointment with us for Kim to have a private or group session with you.

Do hop over to our e-Commerce site at www.sunnature.my if you want to start shopping now!

Wishing all our customers and readers in the pink of your health!